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ANJEE 2021 Winter Conference

attendees participating in the

Geolocating Audio Tour

at Jackson Woods Park in Long Branch NJ

This ANJEE field experience at Jackson Woods Park in Long Branch will acquaint you with the Geolocating Audio Tour webpage-based application for smart devices, and demonstrate how Audio Tour can enhance the experience of self-guiding visitors at your outdoor venue.

Weather is predicted to be clear but very cold, with temperature staying below freezing during our 90-minute outdoor session. We will be social distancing with masks per ANJEE. Wear comfortable layers of outerwear, and sturdy shoes that will accommodate some wet trail areas. And be sure to bring your smartphone or cellular-capable tablet. Headphones are optional.

For your trip to Long Branch I suggest browsing on your smartphone to to launch your favorite GPS app showing precise directions to Jackson Woods parking lot where we will meet. The parking lot entrance is on your right traveling southbound on Ocean Blvd south of Atlantic Ave and before Avenel Blvd. Turn right into the driveway with the Jackson Woods Park sign.

Jackson Woods, where settlement dates back at least to the mid 1800's, combines a small pond, wetlands marsh, creek, deciduous forest, and varieties of wildlife that reflect its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and Long Branch Beach a short distance away.

At the start we will all browse to and confirm that the Audio Tour is functioning on everyone's smart device. If not, we will check your device settings that enable geolocation and device orientation access for your browser, and also confirm your ringer is switched on for listening.

Since an ANJEE field experience represents professional development for informal and classroom environmental educators, we will be thinking about ways that an Audio Tour might enhance environmental teaching and learning. Could it work as a prompting tool for a classroom teacher leading a tour? What are its opportunities to empower the self-guiding family or group's collaborative learning experiences? Can an Audio Tour be demographically inclusive? How can Audio Tour content (1) engage visitors in inquiry and investigation; (2) challenge visitors' environmental literacy; (3) promote biodiversity consciousness-raising; (4) forge connections with the immediate surroundings; (5) encourage behavior that respects, protects and defends the environment; (6) shape attitudes, motivations, and commitment regarding environmental issues? Your comments, suggestions and analysis of Audio Tour will be appreciated.

FYI, from anywhere using your smartphone or PC or Mac you can browse to to view the park trail map. However you must be in-person at Jackson Woods Park to experience the Audio Tour audio messages and location-tracking. General information about Audio Tour is at website.

From Jackson Woods it is a short walk or car ride east to the Atlantic Ocean and many miles of accessible beach. There will be time after the ANJEE event for attendees to explore on their own the off-season ecology of the beach, and also perhaps do takeout from one of Long Branch's 100+ restaurants to complete the day. If you have extra time before the event you might do breakfast/brunch takeout from popular Amy's Omelette House at the mini-mall across Avenel Blvd. just south of the Jackson Woods parking lot and the garden apartment complex.

My somewhat dated but still accurate Long Branch Beach map is at: which is linked from website. Boardwalk restrooms are locked for the off-season except for the restroom at Laird Street at the boardwalk which remains open and has adjacent parking on Laird St.

If you would like to try editing Audio Tour scripts from your home or work, contact Phil for a website URL, login and password. This access is standardly available to the designated facilitator for a venue's Audio Tour.

Please contact Phil Falcone or or 732-229-5234 with any questions or concerns, and also to share your reflections about Audio Tour. I look forward to Audio Touring with you at Jackson Woods Park.